Treasurer – Erica Cline

Erica Cline I started running as a young adult with my dad, on occasional weekends, and then started running on a more consistent basis at the gym on a treadmill. It wasn’t until I ran my first 10K in the late 90’s that I truly discovered the joy that outside running gave me. I continued to run on a more consistent basis, more so for maintaining fitness, until we moved to Ashburn, VA in 2005.

As a working mom, I found that early morning runs were my only option to ensure I was able to fit it all in. It wasn’t until late 2006, when I passed a group of runners on a Tuesday and a Thursday, running along Claiborne Parkway, that I decided to ask, “Hey, do you guys meet somewhere or run together regularly?” I found out that day that they did, at 5am every Tuesday and Thursday at the Loudoun County Board of Education building just down the road.

The following week I decided to meet up with that group, and almost 11 years later, I still do!

Joining AARC and running with the AARC members has brought many friendships into my life and many, many miles. I found myself running the longer distances on the weekends and really enjoyed it. In 2009, I ran my first marathon, the Niagara Falls International Marathon, along with some other AARC members.

Since then I have run 14 additional marathons, including 2 Boston Marathons, a handful of half-marathons, 10 milers, 10ks, and 5 milers. The encouragement and collaborativeness of the club members has kept me motivated to keep pursuing my goals and improving my running fitness.

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